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Tulsa Ornament / Souvenir - Tulsa's Response to COVID 19 2020

Tulsa Ornament / Souvenir - Tulsa's Response to COVID 19 2020

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This Special Edition ornament un-celebrates the tragic Coronavirus Pandemic, dramatically affecting the lives and activities of all Tulsans!

This ornament also sends a message of hope and solidarity, protecting ourselves and each other. As shown on the frontpiece, we are Stronger Together.

The backpiece depicts, in a more light-hearted sense, Tulsa's Golden Driller protecting our city. Armed with disinfectant and spraying the city skyline, the Driller is keeping himself and others safe by wearing his mask. He is also crushing the Coronavirus under his right boot!

Beneath the skyline and treeline is a tree lit with white holiday lights, symbolizing hope. The ornament's frame is of a bison in profile with our new Tulsa flag under its hump.

Tulsa Ornaments make great souvenirs! My husband and I always buy an ornament when traveling to help us remember where we've been. It's so much fun to reminisce when decorating the tree each year and remember all the places that we've visited and the people we've met.  They also make great gifts for your out of town visitors. We have ornaments with several of the major Tulsa landmarks and you can pair them with my landmark art (I carry small 4x4 framed prints) that are perfect gifts to give your visitor to help them remember their visit with you in Tulsa.

Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts is now carrying Bobbie Whaling's Tulsa Ornaments.

Since 1985, a great many Tulsan's have been collecting and enjoying a unique ornament depicting various Tulsa landmarks, cultural treasures or special events. The ornaments, made of solid brass with a 24K gold wash, are three dimensional. Each Ornament since 1987 has been designed by Bobbie Whaling, local artist and retired art teacher. 

We have The Gathering Place, The Cain's, The Golden Driller, Route 66, TU, Tulsa Centennial, Tulsa Skyline, COVID, BOK, Brady Theater, Will Rogers High School

Our ornaments are behind the counter so please ask the staff at the front if you are interested in the ornaments.