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Tulsa Ornament / Souvenir - Historic Route 66

Tulsa Ornament / Souvenir - Historic Route 66

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This ornament honors Historic Route 66 and Cyrus Avery, the businessman and native Tulsan who was instrumental in its creation.

The ornament shows what one would see traveling West on Historic Route 66 (11th St.). The buildings to the North depict two famous aspects of Tulsa, its renowned Art Deco Architecture, as seen in the historic Warehouse Market(1929), a unique example of Depression Era style Deco and Tulsa's claim as Oil Capitol of the World shown in the Sun Oil Corporation building (1954), the Philtower (1927), and the Cosden (Mid-Continent) building (built, 1916; remodeled, 1984).

The front piece shows a classic 1959 Corvette convertible - same make and model used in the TV series Route 66.

Tulsa Ornaments make great souvenirs! My husband and I always buy an ornament when traveling to help us remember where we've been. It's so much fun to reminisce when decorating the tree each year and remember all the places that we've visited and the people we've met.  They also make great gifts for your out of town visitors. We have ornaments with several of the major Tulsa landmarks and you can pair them with my landmark art (I carry small 4x4 framed prints) that are perfect gifts to give your visitor to help them remember their visit with you in Tulsa.

Peake Photography & Design Art & Gifts is now carrying Bobbie Whaling's Tulsa Ornaments.

Since 1985, a great many Tulsan's have been collecting and enjoying a unique ornament depicting various Tulsa landmarks, cultural treasures or special events. The ornaments, made of solid brass with a 24K gold wash, are three dimensional. Each Ornament since 1987 has been designed by Bobbie Whaling, local artist and retired art teacher. 

We have The Gathering Place, The Cain's, The Golden Driller, Route 66, TU, Tulsa Centennial, Tulsa Skyline

Our ornaments are behind the counter so please ask the staff at the front if you are interested in the ornaments.