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Notecards - Medicinal Plant Card Folder w/8 Note Cards

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The card folder contains envelopes and eight different double cards of medicinal plant motifs (blank inside). Illustrated by Kirsten Tind 

Images on the cards: 

  • Calendula, Marigold
  • Common Foxglove
  • Opium Poppy
  • Apothecary's Rose the Gallic rose
  • Liquorice
  • German Chamomile
  • Garden Angelica, Holy Ghost
  • Lavender
SIZE: 4 ¾” x 6 5/8” x ½”


The fine illustrations are designed by Kirsten Tind, an experienced botanist known for her beautiful illustrations in books, posters and cards.

The cards are printed at a Swan-labeled company and made from environmentally certified FSC paper. 
The envelopes are made of eco-friendly eucalyptus paper.