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Tulsa Golden Driller Pillow by Tulsa Whimsey

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Are you Tulsa proud? Show your Tulsa spirit and add a splash of Tulsa color to any room or patio furniture with this whimsical Tulsa Golden Driller pillow made by a Local Tulsa artist Annette LaFortune Murray.  A whimsical spelling of TULSA using an oil derrick as the L and a Golden Driller as the A make this piece unique and familiar to those who live or have lived in Tulsa.  

Great gift for birthday, house warming, new neighbor, wedding couple, someone new to Tulsa, someone moving away from Tulsa, graduating students, ... 

8" x 20" Pillow is stitched with 100% wool in bright colors. Included is a soft velvet zipper back made for easy access to clean and polyester/poly-fill.