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Grrrilla Grill Scraper

Grrrilla Grill Scraper

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The Grrrilla Grill Scraper is a bristle-free grill scraper. It was designed to make your grilling safer. The Grrrilla design is as unique, as is its versatility. No more broken bristles from your old grill brush in your food (which is highly dangerous). This scraper is compatible with almost any model of charcoal, propane (gas), and campground grills.

The Grrrilla’s compact size creates a lower risk for any breaking or chipping, while still leaving realistic space for usage of the product allows for easy storage while still being easy to use.

How do you clean a grill brush? You don't. Gross. Until Now!  Simply remove the leather cord and put it in the dishwasher!

It also has a bottle opener!

For those who like to grill by lakes, or who simply like to take their portable grills out of the backyard once in a while, this tool provides a compact way to make sure every grill you use is clean. Compatible with most grills and able to fit in your pocket or picnic bag, this tool is designed for the adventurous griller as well as the everyday one.

Great gifts for the griller!