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Bling Wipes - Your Anytime Jewelry Shine!

Bling Wipes - Your Anytime Jewelry Shine!

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Meet Bling Wipes, your simple solution to keeping your jewelry sparkling wherever life takes you! Bling Wipes are individually packaged, lint free, disposable towelettes containing a specially designed formula that conveniently and safely removes soap, lotion, makeup and oils from jewelry. Designed with the on-the-go jewelry lover in mind, Bling Wipes will easily fit in your purse for instant access to a hassle free and impressive jewelry cleaning experience. Our wipes are the perfect gift for travel, party favors, engagement gifts, bachelorette parties and so much more!


Intended for use on diamonds, gold, silver, and gemstones. Do not use on pearls, emerald, or soft porous stones.

10 individual towelettes.