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Blue Dome District, 24x36 Metal Print

Blue Dome District, 24x36 Metal Print

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NOT CURRENTLY IN STOCK - THIS CAN BE ORDERED) The Blue Dome District is a happenin' place in downtown Tulsa! The building with the blue dome which was once a gas station is now the center of activity and is located on Route 66. 

The Blue Dome is Tulsa! This image can not only be in your heart it can now be displayed on your wall as a contact reminder of your great times in  Downtown Tulsa!

Our metal prints are "face mounted". This means it does not become a dust magnet, will not easily scratch, is heat resistant, does not require special care by cleaning people, is water resistant and mostly- is dramatically eye catching!

Closest to the Peter Lik look that you will find.

It is a 100% handmade process.

In Tulsa? We will drop this off on your doorstep or you can pick it up.  Call or text me if interested 918-527-3713. Stay healthy!